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In this regard, the Chanel Sina finance today declared, saying that related products are safe. In recent days, perfume, Chanel, one of the companies selling goods of the 5th got into trouble. It was reported that since the Chanel 5th, there grows a tree Moss perfume composition material containing allergenic substances, is included in the recommended ban by EU research report. Previously, the EU study shows, there are approximately 100 substances can cause allergic reactions, and suggest that the Chanel Wallet containing these substances partially restricted, part banning the sale. It is understood that the EU Scientific Committee on consumer safety proposals strictly limiting perfumes from lemon, rose, extracts of 12 species such as tree Moss.

Oak Moss led to 1-3% of allergies in susceptible population composition, perfume, Chanel's classic 5th Chiang Kai-shek tree Moss-loaded, therefore ranks proposed banned list. The European Commission believes that some ingredients in fragrance formulations can cause a lot of people are allergic, their usage limits, or even a total ban. On November 2, the European Commission referred to on some perfume and cosmetics may cause allergic reactions, do not intend to prohibit or restrict the sale of these products, but Chanel is expected at the beginning of 2014 years will put this prohibited act. Reporters visited guangzhou market found that chanel shop all have no. 5 perfume to sell in guangzhou.